Philosophy for the Vulgar

‘Vulgar’ originally meant ‘the masses.’ This podcast’s mission is to distill ideas from classical and academic philosophy and make them accessible to everyone. In each episode we demonstrate how these ideas help us to better understand the world and improve our lives. Most importantly, we hope you discover how philosophy is necessary for a life well-lived.


Edmond Burke Part 2

In Part 1 we cover the slippery slope fallacy. In Part 2 we explore more ideas from the Godfather of Conservatism–Edmond Burke.

Edmond Burke 1

Summary In Part 1 we cover common errors in reasoning when making comparisons. In Part 2 we explore the Godfather of political conservatism. We break down his main ideas, extract the wisdom, and see how well his ideas apply to the world today. Transcription

the Hosts

Amitabha (Ami) Palmer

My main research investigates the effects of widespread medical conspiracism and science denialism on healthcare policymaking. I also write on the ethics of AI and robotics in medicine. I am the current Clinical Ethics Fellow at MD Anderson/U Texas. Outside of philosophy I coach judo and enjoy hiking with my two dachshunds.
To learn more about me or follow my philosophy blog, check out my website: https://wrestling-with-philosophy.com/

Aaron Yarmel

My research interests span political philosophy, philosophy of education, applied ethics, and normative ethics. Right now I am writing a dissertation about moral rules in activism and education in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
I am committed to sharing philosophy with the public, and I am the Director of an organization I co-founded called, Madison Public Philosophy (MPP).  To learn more about me, visit my website: https://www.aaronyarmel.com/

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